Captain America Pop Sockets for Mobiles, Walls and Cars

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Captain America Pop Sockets (Marvel Pop Sockets)

Pop Sockets are very popular among teenagers nowadays. Pop sockets can be used as mobile holders, can be pasted on your cars. They can also be pasted on the walls and make your walls look more attractive. Today, we bring to your Captain America Popsockets.

Captain America is a popular character from Marvel and if you are Hollywood movie freak, then you must be well aware as who, Captain America is! The Hollywood movie Avengers was a super duper hit among teenagers. Captain America was one of the powerful Avenger in that movie. The Captain America popsocket is stylish and you can use it as phone holder and tease your friends with it.

Additional information


Captain America Pop Socket


30 gms

Adhesive Quality

Stick and remove


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