The idea of founding ikoumerce emerged in early 2017. Our founders Deepak Kumar and Vikrant Singh Chauhan, made several attempts to start the company. Initial idea was to just sell books online. Then trying several other ideas too, finally they decided to start the company under the name “Damn Services”. The name wasn’t good enough so another name was to be decided. After struggling creatively, a new name was proposed. “Nukkad Shop” was decided but right after registering the domain name, the founders realised that the business name is being used by someone else with same sort of business already. The name was dropped again. In the end, a new name “ikoumerce” was made.

On 15th November 2017, with the registration of domain name the company came into existence.



The term ikoumerce is a combination of two words viz, ikou and ecommerce. The word “ikoumerce” seems weird to many. But it was chosen because of the ideology these two terms represent. ikou is a japanese word which means let’s go. The ideology is Let’s go to ecommerce. Or simply let’s go to online shopping. Now, it is not so weird right?


The logo consists of a shopping cart. The cart is overloaded with 6 objects and feels like it is in movement. The font used in “ikoumerce” is Josafin Sans. Color combination seperates ikou and merce. Our tagline, “search . buy . hire” is actually 3 sentences. These sentences are puncuated wrong for decoration. Despite being just for decoration, they must be used as it is. “search . buy . hire”. The tagline’s width does not exceed the word “ikou”.



We are using WooCommerce over WordPress with many inhouse developed plugins as well as plugins from WordPress directory. We have a strict security policy and several security measures like Web Application Firewall, strong password policy, strong SSL encryption and many more. Every component is updated occasionally to the latest patches.


Presently we are focusing on delivering to Delhi only. Our inhouse logistics division is a fleet of several delivery boys working round the clock ensuring on time delivery.